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Agrimin 24∙7 Copper Boluses for Cattle


A sustained release bolus containing copper, intended for growing cattle and breeding cows on grass or forage based diets.

Agrimin 24.7 Copper is designed for situations where soil and forage copper levels are low or where known copper antagonists such as molybdenum, iron and sulphur are high.

Agrimin 24.7 Copper supplies the animal’s daily requirement of copper over a period of 180 days.

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When to use Agrimin 24∙7 Copper boluses for Cattle

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Optimise growth rates in young stock and finishing animals
Optimise coat condition
Easy to administer
No capsule means no breakages or damage prior to or during administration


Many experiments and trials have been conducted which demonstrate the efficacy of copper oxide rods in providing consistent, available copper supplementation. Other trials have shown live weight gain responses to this type of copper supplementation.


Administer orally. Place the bolus at the back of the mouth using a suitable applicator:

  • Cattle under 250kg-One bolus

  • Cattle over 250kg-One or two boluses
  • Agrimin 24•7 Copper boluses for cattle are available in packs of 24

Agrimin 24∙7 Copper Boluses for Cattle

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247 Copper Boluses for Cattle
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