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Agrimin 24∙7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep


Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep supplies the animal’s full daily requirement of each essential trace element for 180 days.

Every animal receives continuous supplementation of copper, iodine, selenium and cobalt which is essential in the run up to tupping, at scanning or over-wintering.

Copper – important for growth, wool quality and fertility
Cobalt - improves fertility and lamb vigour at birth
Selenium - improves fertility and prolificacy
Iodine - improves fertility and lamb vitality

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Bolus Technology

Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep boluses are designed for adult sheep, gimmers and hoggs over 40kg liveweight.

Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep boluses contain copper.

Do not use this product in breeds susceptible to copper toxicity or in sheep that may be housed for prolonged periods and fed concentrates. If in doubt, consult your veterinary surgeon or nutritionist.

Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep boluses are designed to lie in the reticulum. The wrapper on the bolus dissolves and the bolus breaks into two parts. These erode and dissolve thus providing a continuous and regular supply of nutrients to the animal.

Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace®Plus for Adult Sheep boluses have an active life of 180 days. There is no residue.

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Eroding technology means consistent supply of trace elements
Delivers largest available daily supply of iodine
Delivers full daily requirement of copper, selenium and cobalt
Help maintain ewe health through winter
Optimise lambing percentages
Help maintain lamb vitality


Trials in sheep have confirmed an excellent sustained release profile, which ensures the iodine, selenium and cobalt levels are maintained throughout the active life of the bolus. Productivity benefits include optimised lambing percentages.
Users of 24•7 technology include George Fell of West Grange Farm, Thorganby, York George boluses all of his 400 pedigree Meatlinc ewes and another 400 commercial ewes at pre-tupping and again at lambing.

George comments ‘The pre-tupping bolus gives us confidence that our ewes aren’t being held back by any trace element shortfall – which translates as extra lambs per ewe. But having those extra lambs is irrelevant if that ewe can’t produce enough milk to sustain them – for me, the second bolus covers my sheep at a time when their reserves are under maximum draw.’

Roddy Lewis of Bronydd Farm, Clyro, Powys is another farmer who has seen the benefits of bolusing. ‘We’ve achieved a lambing percentage of 180% plus lamb vitality is excellent’ Roddy says ‘and out of the main flock of 225 ewes there has been only one barren and all in top condition’.


One 52g bolus should be given to each animal.

Use only approved Agrimin bolus guns.  For more guidance please download our sheep bolus administration leaflet below

Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep boluses are available in packs of 50 boluses

Agrimin 24∙7 Smartrace® Plus for Adult Sheep

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