Agrimin continues to teach the benefits of Agrimin boluses to Agricultural students.

On Thursday 2nd May Ieuan Davies, Agrimin’s Welsh Sales Manager and Natalie Edmunds Agrimin’s Southern Area Sales Manager presented to students studying a variety of agricultural courses at Gelli Aur College in Towy Valley about the benefits of Agrimin boluses and how they should be incorporated into a herd health management programme.

As part of the lecture Ieuan explained the principles of trace element nutrition to the students whilst explaining the benefits of bolusing. After the lecture Ieuan carried out a bolusing demonstration, explaining how to correctly administer the boluses using the Agrimin specially designed applicators. Ieuan showed the students how easily the bolus is administered in cattle, taking just a few seconds, and all the students were then able to participate in the demonstration thus acquiring some new livestock handling skills.

Ieuan Davies said

“We are delighted to be supporting another agricultural college and to teach students about the benefits of trace element nutrition. Agrimin feel it is important to spread the message onto the next generation of farmers about the value of sustained release bolus technology for cattle and sheep. One of our objectives is to visit Colleges and Universities across England, Wales and Scotland and to carry out lectures and demonstrations like these”