Agrimin sponsors Glynllifon College.

On Monday 15th April Ieuan Davies, Agrimin’s Welsh Sales Manager presented to 50 students studying a variety of agricultural courses at Glynllifon College about the benefits of Agrimin boluses and how they should be incorporated into a health management programme.

Glynllifon is a land-based campus with residential facilities, situated on the Glynllifon Estate near Caernarfon. It specializes in Agriculture, Land-based Engineering, Forestry & Countryside Management, Animal Care, Equine Studies, Horticulture and ILS provision.

As part of the lecture Ieuan explained the principle of trace element nutrition and how it should be one of prevention, rather than a response to evidence of a deficiency. After the lecture Ieuan did a bolusing demonstration on the cattle which the students helped with, and he explained how to correctly administer the boluses using the Agrimin specially designed applicators.

Ieuan showed how the bolus is easily administered in seconds using an applicator, and then lies in the reticulum gradually dissolving. This way, the animal gets a gradual and continual supply of nutrients when it needs them most – unlike the hit and miss approach of applying trace elements to the land, for example.

Ieuan supplied the students with Agrimin hats and pens and he gave the college two wooden plaques to demonstrate how proud we are to sponsor the Glynllifon College.

Ieuan Davies said “We are delighted to be supporting the students at Glynllifon College who are the future of British agriculture. The students were positive and dynamic and showed great interest in the importance of animal health.”

Agrimin Ltd feel that it is important to spread their knowledge of the benefits of effective herd management through bolusing to agricultural students and will be taking part in more presentations like this with other agricultural colleges.