All the selenium you will ever need!

All the selenium you will ever need! Trial results from New Zealand demonstrate the efficacy of 24.7 Smartrace Plus boluses for cattle.

The new 24.7 Smartrace system designed by Agrimin Ltd has been shown to deliver more consistent levels of nutrients to cattle over a 24 week period. The trial confirms that boluses formulated to match animal requirement on a daily basis offer the most efficient means of supplementing selenium and copper.

The Smartrace bolus delivers 1.2mg Selenium per day which matches the requirement of adult cattle. The eroding technology is so efficient in delivering selenium and other actives that all of the selenium is utilised by the animal. Supplementing with much higher levels of selenium would be wasteful as most of the excess selenium would be excreted.

24·7 Smartrace and 24·7 Smartrace Plus were tested in a large extensive trial with Charolais and Aberdeen Angus cattle in New Zealand.  The trial was conducted on a site known to be deficient in copper, selenium and iodine, there were 10 animals in each group and blood samples and a liver biopsy (common practice in NZ) were taken at monthly intervals.  The results were independently analysed by the statistics department of Victoria, University of Wellington NZ.

The hepatic and whole blood selenium levels of cattle given 24.7 Smartrace and 24.7 Smartrace Plus were significantly higher than the control groups throughout the trial (24 weeks). The boluses maintained hepatic and blood selenium levels within the normal range for the length of the trial. These results demonstrate the efficiency of the Smartrace system in delivering a controlled and continuous supply of selenium.

24·7 Smartrace Plus restored liver copper reserves over the 24 week (170 day) period and blood copper levels were maintained in the normal range. Very interestingly the control group liver copper reserves depleted over time and subsequently the blood copper levels fell dramatically. The message here is liver copper reserves must be maintained to prevent problems and 24·7 Smartrace Plus is proven to be effective in this.

Trial work in NZ is ongoing in order to further prove the efficacy of 24·7 Smartrace controlled release technology.