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All-Trace Biotin Gold


In-vivo dissolution studies have shown that All-Trace Biotin Gold delivers the target level of 20mg per head per day of biotin over 120 days. Not only this, All-Trace Biotin Gold will also deliver the full daily requirement of copper, cobalt, selenium and iodine and useful contributions of zinc, manganese and vitamins A, D3 and E.

Bolus Technology

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How to use All-Trace Biotin Gold

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Delivers a target level of 20 mg per head per day of Biotin over 120 days.
Promotes hoof and horn strength.
Strong healthy calves.
Easier, cleaner calvings.
Reduced calving spread.
Optimise conception rates.
Optimise general condition.
Twin bolus gun means simple administration




Administer two boluses per animal.
Active life 120 days

Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator. A twin bolus applicator is available which saves time and makes administration much easier.

All-Trace Biotin Gold for Cattle

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