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Profit from endurance nutrition for sheep with Agrimin 24.7 Iodine Selenium Cobalt

Sustained release boluses which give six months’ endurance nutrition of iodine, selenium and cobalt might sound like a dream, but that’s just what Agrimin 24.7 offers sheep farmers.

“Any sheep producer knows the time and cost involved in gathering sheep to treat them; with Agrimin 24.7 boluses, one treatment means that animal is covered for its full daily requirement of iodine, selenium and cobalt for 180 days. By comparison, that’s 18 times longer than a liquid drench,” says Agrimin director James McCulloch.

The three trace elements in the 24.7 bolus play key roles in fertility, prolificacy and lamb vitality and vigour at birth. Designed for use in grazing ewes and gimmers or hoggs over 40kg, the boluses are free from copper and safe for use in continental breeds.
“The bolus is easily administered in seconds using an applicator, and then lies in the reticulum gradually dissolving. This way, the animal gets a gradual and continual supply of nutrients when it needs them most – unlike the hit and miss approach of applying trace elements to the land, for example – and at just over £1 per ewe,” says James.

Sheep farmer Roddy Lewis of Bronydd Farm, Powys, says lambing percentage has risen to 180% since introducing the 24.7 bolus as part of his flock management.
“Lamb vitality is also excellent and, out of the main flock of 225 ewes, there has only been one barren and all are in top condition,” says Mr Lewis.

For Meatlinc producer George Fell, of Thorganby, York, administering a 24.7 bolus at pre-tupping and again at lambing has proved cost effective.
“We compared the cost of applying trace elements to the land and it still worked out cheaper to use a bolus twice a year. That way, we know not only are the ewes covered pre-tupping for optimum fertility, but they are also covered at a time when their resources are under maximum draw for milk production.”

Agrimin 24.7 Iodine Selenium Cobalt boluses are available in packs of 50 from vets and distributors.