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Countrywide farmers Adult sheep bolusing demonstration

Agrimin partnered up with Countrywide farmers and Prattley on Monday 22nd August on a farm near Chard and again on Tuesday 23rd August on a farm near to Taunton to demonstrate best practice when bolusing sheep with Agrimin’s 24·7 Smartrace for Adult sheep boluses.

 Pat Grace – Agrimin’s southern sales manager explained the importance of trace elements within a breeding flock, along with the most effective supplementation method to use. 

 Trace elements can be easily overlooked, increasing and maintaining the trace element status can allow for greater productivity and overall health of the animal.

 Natalie Chappelle performed a practical bolusing demonstration, highlighting best practice. Ensuring both safety of the animal and ease on the farmer. 

 With 25 farmers owning approx. 15000 sheep attending, it was a great success and the nights were enjoyed by all.

 Thank you to all that helped create a perfect evening. Along with all that attended. 

 We look forward to further events in the future.