Feed firm has an appetite for worldwide expansion

A specialist livestock feed manufacturer is carving out an exciting future thanks to the global demand for red meat and dairy produce. Northern Lincolnshire firm Agrimin Ltd has just completed the purchase of a 17,000sq ft base, allowing it to double the number of production lines and increase innovation. More jobs will follow at the Humberside Airport site, just a few miles from Elsham Wold, where it has operated since 1989. What was previously home to HL Display is now being transformed, with plans to open for business next month. And with an eye on the emerging markets of the developing nations, there is confidence in the significant, but undisclosed investment that has been made.

Director James McCulloch said: "The objective of the move is to be able to run three or four different production lines. "We had run out of space. World food demand in terms of red meat and dairy produce is set to treble in the course of the next ten to 15 years. "It stands to reason if you need more burgers and more coffees, there has got to be more milk and more meat from cattle. "We are at the input end and we are seeing a lot of demand from countries gearing up to supply produce to these developing parts of the world. "Australia is looking to supply Asian markets, with Iran, Belarus and Russia gearing up for their home markets."

The move will see the footprint increase from 7,000sq ft to 17,000sq ft. As part of the major internal reconfiguration, greater capacity for research and development is being introduced, with laboratory space to be expanded to three times the current size. Mr McCulloch said: "This will really help us with product development and product testing. "We haven't had the facilities to do a lot of this work before, but now we can do more of this, looking at different technologies to deliver nutrients to animals. "It is a really good facility to have and we can do more and more in the lab, which has got to be a good thing." A large section of the site is now being fitted out to the high standards demanded of the food chain, with dust extraction and other systems in place on a level close to those found in medical sciences.

Established in 1978 as a subsidiary of veterinary chemist Chapman And Frearson in Grimsby, it was moved to Elsham Wold in 1989. Three expansion projects were undertaken at The Flarepath site before this move was considered, with the company having been bought out from the owners. It employs 14 people, with more casual staff brought in when required, but that figure will be boosted when the new site is complete. Shareholders are now directors Robin Jackson, Jamie Bennison and Mr McCulloch, who spotted the Kirmington opportunity while driving along the A18 as the marketing signage was erected. A deal was concluded quickly with Manchester Airports Group and, while much of the animal feed leaves the UK by ship, the airport base has other advantages. Mr McCulloch said: "About 70 per cent of what we do is exported, and for us to travel out and for customers to come and see us, this will be very handy, especially with the KLM link to Amsterdam."