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Farm Sale - J E Strainge & Son, Ducklington 25th March 2017 'Sale of high quality ewes'

Farm Sale Saturday 25th March 2017

J E Strainge & Sons – Ducklington Farm, Oxfordshire

Randal Strainge held a very successful farm sale on Saturday 25th March at his farm in Oxfordshire, with Agrimin and Countrywide present to support his efforts.

Randal farms 3,500 ewes – a mix of Suffolk and Highlander - and is a keen user of the Agrimin 24·7 Smartrace® boluses for his adult sheep. For many of his lambs he also uses the 24·7 Smartrace® Lamb boluses.

All the ewes in the sale had been bolused with Agrimin’s 24·7 Smartrace® Plus for adult sheep, containing trace elements: Cobalt, Iodine, Selenium and Copper.

Randal has had some success in building up his flock – hence the dispersal sale of 800 of his high quality in-lamb ewes, with Charollais lambs at foot.

Pat Grace, Sales Manager at Agrimin commented “It was a good sunny spring day all round – with strong bidding and good prices. I was pleased that Agrimin boluses were able to contribute to the high quality of these animals”