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John Yeomans

24 Years of Nutritional Management Success with Trace Element Bolus Technology

John Yeomans is a second generation farmer who, in partnership with his wife Sarah, farms a herd of 70 pedigree cows including Limousin Cross Breeds and Belgian Blues and a 620-strong flock of pedigree Beulah sheep. Based in Newtown in Wales, they supply meat to the trade and direct to the consumer, via a successful word of mouth business that now distributes throughout the UK.
John Yeomans has been farming for 28 years and as far back as 1984 found that his herds were having serious fertility problems – up to 50 per cent of the herd were not calving at all. John ran a series of blood tests with his vet, which showed deficiencies in copper and selenium cobalt to be the cause of the unusually low fertility rates.

Following their vet’s recommendation, the Yeomans started using All-Trace for cattle. Hi-Iodine versions of the boluses are given for pre-calving and they also give them to new calves for an immediate trace element and vitamin boost. The Yeomans also use All-Trace for sheep, which they have been administering since 2000. Both livestock groups have seen vast improvements in health and fertility, which has contributed hugely to the success of the business.

John says:
“Our infertility rate of 50 per cent was extremely worrying, but we now only have problems with two or three cows, which is completely natural. These boluses are standard issue for us now. I feel that the animals are thriving and we can truly see the rewards from our investment in the business.”

“We also like the fact that we can check any of our health issues with Agrimin – and after 24 years of working with them we trust them to give us advice that we know works. On the odd occasion that our problem has been out of their remit they have always been able to point us in the right direction. It’s a close relationship that we enjoy and feel benefits our farming practice immensely.”

John Yeomans has a Nuffield Scholarship for research into the development of meat processing technologies and has contributed to the Welsh Sheep Strategy, which was set up to encourage breed improvement throughout the sheep industry in Wales

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