Mr Drummond, lamb bolusing demo day Alnwick 24.05.2016

On Tuesday 24th May 2016 Northern and Central Sales Manager Liz Brown teamed up with Scottish Sales Manager Tom Darling to present a best practise bolusing demonstration.

Liz would like to thank Mr Drummond, Lemmington Hill Head Farm together with Mole Country Stores, Alnwick for hosting the event.

Liz conducted a presentation about the production benefit for the famer when using 24·7 Smartrace for Lamb boluses and how supplementing with Cobalt can increase daily live weight gain.

Pervious results suggest that the lamb bolus can increase lamb weight by up to 1kg dead weight, giving a return of approximately £3.00 for the small investment of 65p.

After the presentation Tom demonstrated the best practice technique of bolusing on Mr Drummond’s 10 week old Aberfield lambs.

Mr Drummond kindly let everybody have a go, including Mole Country Stores very own Brian Dugdale.

Everybody realised that bolusing was not as hard as they thought and no harder than drenching. Over the next 120 days Mr Drummond will take 30 day weight checks for the 100 lambs bolused, compared to a control group of 100. Results to be updated.

In addition to Agrimin, Elanco’s John Wilson also gave a presentation on best practice of pour ons, along with what, when and how to use CliK and CliKZin.

Overall the day was a great success and we look forward to future events.