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24∙7 Product Range

The newly developed Agrimin 24·7 range stands for Convenience, Availability, Quality and Value.

Convenience - A range of boluses for many different classes of cattle and sheep comprising single and multi nutrient options.

Availability - A range of boluses designed to deliver accurate quantities of nutrients over specific target periods, ranging from 1 day up to 6 months.

Quality - A range of boluses manufactured in our own GMP facility guaranteeing top product quality for our customers.

Value- A range of boluses containing essential nutrients, produced to a quality our customers expect but available at prices they may not.


All-Trace Product Range

The tried and tested All-Trace range is made up of products for a wide range of classes of cattle and sheep. The only trace element boluses available with vitamins added, the unique combination of ingredients offer a comprehensive nutrient package to match livestock requirements.


Rumbul Magnesium Bullets Product Range

POM-VPS licensed as an aid to the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cattle, sheep and calves. The first bolus range in our portfolio and one of the very first sustained release bolus ranges to be developed in the world.


Lammac Lamb Jackets Product Range

A range of polythene jackets in varying sizes and colours, designed to protect lambs against the elements and help prevent hypothermia. The original concept came from New Zealand and Lammacs remain an essential component of all good lambing kits.


Bolus Applicator Product Range

Agrimin's bolus applicator range our designed in New Zealand. All applicators have a 3 Year Guarantee.