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smAll-Trace boluses for sheep


A sustained release bolus containing 6 trace elements and 3 vitamins. Designed to provide grazing adult sheep that proportion of their dietary requirement of six trace elements and three vitamins that are not adequately supplied by grass or forage based diets. smAll-Trace for sheep helps farmers manage the trace element status of their flock over critical periods of the production cycle.

smAll-Trace boluses contain copper - it is important that you establish the copper status of your flock prior to using this product. If in doubt, seek veterinary guidance.

Bolus Technology



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When to use smAll-Trace boluses for sheep

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Supply nutrients through to lambing
Help maintain ewe health through winter
Optimise conception rates
Optimise lambing percentages
Full range of trace elements


smAll-Trace for Sheep has been tested in trials and the results have been published in peer reviewed scientific journals. Trial work has shown the following:

•A greater proportion of bolused ewes produced twins
•There was a reduction in the number of empty ewes
•Overall lambing percentages were improved


Bolus administration to sheep requires care and attention. Before administration ALWAYS refer to the instructions.

One smAll-Trace bolus and grinder should be given to each animal.

The active life of smAll-Trace for Sheep is 180 days

Always use the recommended Agrimin bolus applicator.  For more guidance please download our sheep bolus administration leaflet below

All-Trace for sheep are packed in units of 40 (enough for 40 sheep)


smAll-Trace Boluses for Sheep

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