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Sending Calves and Youngstock off to Grass this Summer?

Give them a six month long boost with smAll-Trace trace element boluses.

All calves and growing animals grazing poor or rough pasture require supplementation with minerals, trace elements and vitamins. In order to ensure a constant intake of vital nutrients over a six month period, Agrimin are recommending that calves are given two smAll-Trace calf boluses.
Sustained release boluses are a good option for calves and youngstock because they deliver a guaranteed, measured and long-term supply of trace elements. smAll-Trace trace element boluses from Agrimin are perfect for calves from 6 weeks of age and up to 150kg-200kg. They will still supply trace elements for a 6 month period.

Harbro recommended the use of boluses in a number of herds in the North East of Scotland. Dornoch farmers, Tommy and Audrey Mackay of Achavandra Muir have used smAll-trace boluses in their calves at turn out to ensure copper intake over the grazing season, ‘We have seen a big improvement in the bolused calves at weaning and we will certainly use the boluses again’.

Kenny Macgillivray, of Glastullich Farm near Tain has been similarly pleased with his experience of smAll-Trace boluses, ‘They give my calves the important trace elements they need and I know that every animal is covered’

Managing the trace element status of your calves over an extended period with boluses ensures good growth rates, good health and gives you peace of mind that, all day, every day, your stock are receiving the supplementation they need.