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The Williams Family

Progressive Young Farmers use Agrimin Boluses

Sion and Claire Williams, of Beili Ficer Farm, Llansawel and 2013 hosts of NSA Wales are always looking for new and progressive ways of managing their Aberdale sheep and improving the efficiency of the flock overall. Sion and Claire were both students at Harper Adam University College and they both have a very modern approach to farming. In 2010 they took on a 10-year tenancy at the 255-acre farm, plus another 150 acres rented. The couple have a clear business plan and are passionate about sheep and have had positive results using Agrimin 24·7 boluses for ewes.

They bolused their ewes 2 weeks before tupping with Agrimin 24·7 and because the trace elements were released consistently for 180 days this ensured levels remained optimised right through lambing and beyond.

Sion says

“We were aiming for a scanning percentage of 200% which we achieved, but the critical thing for us was that out of 450 ewes only two ewes were scanned empty! Proof that the controlled release of trace elements combined with the negative flushing has certainly delivered the desired results. “

“We were so impressed, this level of consistency could have a real impact on our bottom line. We will look seriously at adopting this trace element approach on the rest of the flock for next year.”

 “I think there’s a lot in this whole area of micro-nutrition and supporting the animal at key stages of the breeding cycle,” Sion says “People tend to think of trace elements only being relevant if there is a deficiency, but if you can get the delivery side of things right, there’s a growing body of evidence suggesting that maintaining the correct levels throughout the breeding cycle can produce distinct advantages too.”