UK Dairy Day 16.09.2015

Dairy Day Event 16.09.2015

Sales Managers Liz and Ieu, Sales Support Manager Emma along with one of the directors of Agrimin Robin, all attended a very successful UK Dairy day event on 16.09.2015

With plenty of stands and varies breed society's, the event was very well attended with plenty for all to look at and discuss.

Although a dairy event, it soon became apparent that there were many beef and sheep farmers visiting our stand and discussing the trace element status within their herd/flock. Just proving the dairy event hosts a wide variety of interest for all aspects of agriculture.

It was great to see such well-turned out stock and speaking with farmers who are so passionate about their animals.

A Red Ribbon Sale of the cattle attracted a large crowd and proved a very exciting part of the day.

Agrimin would like to thank all of the organisers of the event along with everyone that attended.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year.