Use Agrimin Boluses at Pre-Calving and Turn-Out

After the wettest winter on record, thoughts turn to the calving period and Spring turn-out. Record rainfall will have resulted in minerals and trace elements being leached out of topsoil layers meaning there are less nutrients available to be taken up by the plant. Sound trace element supplementation planning will be vital over the 2014 grazing season.

Why should you be considering using boluses in your livestock over this period? The message is simple:

• Boluses guarantee intake of vital elements over an extended period
• For pre-calvers, 24•7 Smartrace and 24•7 Smartrace Plus boluses ensure trace elements are available for foetal development in the late stage of pregnancy and through to service
• 24•7 Smartrace products are also suitable at turn-out for breeding cows and 24•7 Copper is ideal for youngstock going on to copper deficient pastures
• Don’t forget magnesium – Rumbul bullets are licenced to aid the prevention of hypomagnesaemia in cattle

Please follow the links below to leaflets giving further details on these products.

Agrimin Cattle Boluses at Turn-out flyer - click here

Rumbul Magnesium A4 flyer UK - click here

Rumbul Magnesium A4 flyer Irish - click here

For pricing and availability please contact your usual animal health supplier or veterinary surgeon.