Weather warnings forecast more snow; make sure you protect your lambs with Lammac jackets

Surveys show hypothermia is still a major cause of perinatal death in lambs. With the recent persistent cold weather and snow it is essential to ensure your lambs are protected from the elements. Many of these deaths could be prevented and one measure farmers can adopt is to use Lammac jackets.

Lammacs are constructed from ultra-violet light degradable polythene and are available in three colours and two sizes:
Standard Blue50 per pack,Standard Clear100 per pack, Large Clear100 per packLarge, Orange100 per pack.

Each pack contains a permanent marker so farmers can put identifying marks on jackets. Clear jackets are particularly popular as identifying marks on lambs can be seen through the jacket.

Lammacs are in stock now at your usual animal health outlet,for more information contact Agrimin on 01652 688046.