Website Press Article and Case study - Scottish Farmer - April 2017 'Maximising growth rates in lambs'

Maximising growth rates in lambs

"A farm study carried out at Lemmington Hill Head, in conjunction with Brian Dugdale, from Mole Country Stores, Alnwick, shows that offering the correct supplementation can optimize growth and profits.
  The farm has a flock of Aberfield ewes which lambed between mid-March and early May, with a  lambing percentage of around 180%.  
  The study involved a group of just over 200 early-born lambs which were split into two groups. A control group of 100 lambs received no supplementation while the remaining group of 103 lambs were each given the trace element bolus 24·7 Smartrace® Lamb at the beginning of the period.
  All lambs were weighed at the start of the study, and then every four weeks until the study was completed at 108 days post bolusing. All lambs were grass fed over the period with no other form of trace element supplementation.
  The graph shows the difference in liveweight gain between the two groups. The bolused lambs grew, on average, 30% quicker than the control group, putting on an average of 3.56kg extra liveweight over the 108 day study period.  
“At £1.80/kg liveweight, this equated to an extra gain of £6.41 per lamb. With an initial investment in the bolus of 65p per lamb, the actual margin gain was £5.76/lamb"

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