Why using trace element supplementation can aid farmers after poor weather conditions

After months of wet and cold weather conditions, vital trace elements have been leached from the soil. This combined with poor forage for feeding emphasises the need for trace element supplementation for cattle. Selenium, copper and cobalt deficiencies can be the cause of poor fertility, low birth weights and poor calf health. However if boluses are introduced to the stock management plan, problems like this can be avoided.

The benefits of boluses are that they provide supplementation where other methods may be more difficult to manage. Pat Meehan runs a breeding herd of 150 pedigree Angus cattle and is based in Limerick, Ireland. Pat’s farm is spread across free-draining land, typically low in copper, with some heavy soil and water logged land with additional nutritional challenges. Pat was advised by his vet to administer Agrimin’s All- Trace boluses to his cows to avoid the occurrence of calf scour and the levels of scour dropped from 10% to 1%. Pat also saw the the number of sleepy calves drop dramatically.

Pat thinks it is imperative to administer trace elements

“It is a set and forget system and suits me far better, particularly in the non-housing period. Once I administer the boluses then that’s it, job done. They work out the cheapest option because I am not buying a bucket of molasses every time to feed a spoonful of minerals.”

Pat Meehan in picture below:

Roisin Glynn runs a suckler herd in Galway, Ireland and she had difficulties with calves being born with flat feet and joint problems. Since being advised to use Agrimin’s High Iodine All- Trace she has found that calves born to mothers that were given the boluses are free of these health problems. Roisin also found that the boluses helped reduce the incidence of retained placenta and helped improved fertility.

“I found the bolus very easy to use especially with the metal gun. The cows are in much better condition, coats look very good, hold no cleansing and come back bulling ok.”

Roisin Glynn in picture below:

So don’t take the risk and ensure trace element supplementation is at the top of your to do list!